Free Amazon Gift Card Codes FAQ

  • What is an Amazon Gift Card Code?

    The Amazon Gift Card Code is a code shown on a pre-denominated gift certificate issued by Somebody can buy such a prepaid certificate from and give it over to another person. The person who receives that certificate can redeem its claim code on the website, and get his or her account credited with amount of gift money shown on the certificate. The gift money are just like the real money and can be used to pay for items in online store, but can not be cashed out from the Amazon shopping account.

  • Where can I learn more about Amazon Gift Cards?

    Yes, you can learn more from the official Amazon Gift Cards Help. Be sure to read all conditions and fine prints there!

  • How can I get a free gift card code from

    Simply create a free account, collect points by filling in free online surveys and then exchange your points for free gift card codes! gift card code sample.

  • What is GiftCardCodes.Info Service?

    Shortly, GiftCardCodes.Info is a kind of GPT sites that pay instantly. Our system gives you an opportunity earn Amazon Gift Cards by completing various offers (online surveys and the like), and to save some money when shopping at online store.

  • How and when will I get my free gift card code?

    As soon as you earn enough points and choose to exchange them for a gift code, at the very moment your code will be and sent to the email address you provided on registration.

  • Who can join GiftCardCodes.Info?

    Anyone who is over 18 years old (or over 13 — with parental permission) and who agrees with our rules, Terms of use, and Privacy policy.

  • What I need to join GiftCardCodes.Info service?

    Generally, all you need is a valid e-mail address. But we reserve the right to ask you in some cases to provide a photocopy of your ID.

  • Are the gift card codes received from legit?

    Yes, absolutely! All the gift codes on this website were legally obtained from

  • Do you run a kind of lottery here?

    No. No lotteries, love letters, ponzi schemes or “games of skill”. Simply earn points and exchange them for gift codes. Consider it as a kind of work from home: you complete your tasks — you get your reward. However, we run various contests occasionaly — just to entertain our members and help them to get more points.

  • Why do you give the gift card codes away for free?

    Because our advertisers want their surveys completed and offers tried, and are ready to reward you for your honest efforts, and to pay us for providing an interface between you and them.

  • Do I need to pay anything for signing up, collecting or redeeming points?

    There’re no entry or other fees. You don’t need to pay for anything on this website. We will never ask about your credit card or account number. And if you ever receive any kind of message allegedly from our service requesting any financial infomation from you, consider it as a complete forgery!

  • How many gift codes can I get from

    As many as you want. It depends only on how many points you’ve earned.

  • How many points I have to collect to get a gift code?

    You have to collect 199 points to redeem them for a US$ 5.- gift card code, or 299 points: for €/£/CA$ 5.- Amazon international cards (,,,,,

  • How can you prove that you really send out Amazon card codes?

    Good question. Unfortunately, we can’t show you paycheck scans or photos of prizes like other GPT websites do, because all what our winners receive is an e-mail with a gift card code in it. We could say that logically there is no meaning for us in cheating our users: it is more profitable for us to stay honest, while bad reputation can kill all our business very quickly. Anyway, you can check our users’ activity on Facebook. And you have nothing to lose if you try our service yourself, anyway.

  • What is your referral program?

    It’s one more way to earn more free points. Inside your account you will find a special link (your referal link). You can put it on your website or blog, Facebook or Twitter page, in your forum signatures, or simply email it to your friends. Every time when someone clicks on your link, creates an account and earns points, you will instantly receive 20% of the points that person has earned. Read more about our referral program.

  • How many points I can earn for completing a survey?

    Each survey has its own number of points, typically from 10 to 100 and more, depending on your country and how difficult the survey is.

  • Will my earned points expire?

    The points you’ve collected but not redeemed will be kept on your account forever. There’s no need to collect 199 points at once. At any time you can safely log out and then resume collecting any time later.

  • What if I collected more points than needed for a gift code?

    The rest of the points will be kept on your account. For example if you collected 205 points and then redeemed 199 points for a gift code, the rest of 6 points would remain on your account.

  • Why do you offer US$ 5.- (€5.-/£5.-/CA$5.-) gift codes only?

    The most people want to redeem their points and get a free code as soon as possible. So we offer the minimum amount possible: a US$ 5.- gift card code for every 199 points (299 points for international cards). Anyway, just keep earning and redeeming points and you can get as much amount in $5.- gift card codes as you want. Alternatively, you can send us a message, and we‘ll try to arrange for you a gift card of custom value as a special request.

  • What if I got a gift code but lost (forgot) it?

    Send us a message using our Contact Form and we will solve this problem.

  • I can’t log in! I can’t see surveys!

    Make sure you have cookies and javascript enabled in your browser. Some ad blockers may affect the website’s functionality as well.

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